Community Program Details

Program Overview

Small Exchange Community Members are entitled to an exchange transaction fee reduction when they trade Small Exchange products. To be eligible for the exchange transaction fee reduction:

  1. Community Members must have an active membership
  2. All Small Exchange orders received from a Community Member MUST include the Community Member Token.

Community Member Rebate Requirements

In order to receive your exchange transaction fee discount, all orders submitted to the Small Exchange MUST contain your unique Community Member Token. This token is assigned after you have signed the Community Membership agreements and paid the fee. Your futures broker will need to add the Community Member Token to your trading account. Only accounts in which the Community Member is a beneficial owner of are eligible to use the assigned token. The token can be used on multiple accounts as long as the Community Member is an owner. You can locate your token by logging into the Community Member Portal, under Community Member you will see the Community Member Identified which is your Community Member Token. If you do not see a token here, your Community Membership is not active.

Please provide your futures broker with this sheet so the token can be added to your futures trading account.
To see a full list of firms offering our products, please go here.

If tastyworks is your futures broker, please go here for instructions on linking your Community Member Token to your tastyworks account.

Community Member Instructions

Please provide the information below to your futures broker.

  1. Your name
  2. Your futures account number
  3. Title of your futures account (Example: Jane Doe)
  4. Small Exchange Community Member Token

Broker Instructions

The Small Exchange Community Member (account information noted above) is requesting their Community Member Token be added to all trades sent to Small Exchange. This identifies the trade as that belonging to a Small Exchange Community Member so they can receive reduced exchange transaction fees when trading our products. Please add the following information to all Small Exchange orders the Community Member sends.

  1. PartyRole (tag 452) should be updated with 2101 value
  2. Tag 448 should be updated with the Community Member Token

Please refer to our website here for the most up to date FIX specs to ensure changes are made properly and contact with any questions.