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What's Next: Inflation vs Recession
The Small Exchange07/19/2022

What's Next: Inflation vs Recession

The Fed primarily controls interest rates, which they move higher in times of inflation and lower in times of recession. But what do they do when there's fear...

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The Big Idea

The Small Exchange® is making futures markets more accessible to more people. Futures are more capital-efficient than stocks, but their complex design and large size have kept modern traders from adopting them for speculative and risk management needs. The Smalls offer the best of both worlds with products that are small, standard, and simple.

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By reducing the size of our products, we give traders a manageable road to capital efficiency.

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All the Smalls share the same tick size and expiration date to encourage more trading and less studying.

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Our products are holistic representations of financial markets that accelerate your ideas to execution.


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Let's Do Big Business

The Small Exchange invites all clearing and non-clearing firms who want to take part in the Small revolution. Spread the Smalls by offering our markets to your customers or joining our Liquidity Provider Incentive Program.

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Help us help you facilitate the trading of our markets.
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Don’t let your customers miss out on trading the Smalls.
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Provide liquidity for Small Exchange markets.
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