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Uniform Construction

The Small Exchange® believes in standard products that keep you focused on trading. From stocks and bonds to commodities and currencies, our entire market suite was designed with an efficiency that empowers like futures and a construction that’s simple like stocks.

The Smalls

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Small Technology 60 futures (STIX) gives traders comprehensive access to the tech sector by tracking stocks from information, retail, media, and biotechnology.

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Small Stocks 75 futures (SM75) give traders access to the most active stocks from the technology, industrial, energy, financial, and material sectors with one easy trade.

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Small US Dollar futures (SFX) are priced directly to the United States dollar, eliminating the need for conversions when trading foreign exchange.

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Small Precious Metals futures (SPRE) give traders easy access to the three most popular metals—gold, silver, and platinum—in one easy trade.

Small 2YR US Treasury Yield futures (S2Y) give traders simplified access to short-term interest rates for hedging and speculation in a single, succinct yield.

Logo for S10Y

Small 10YR US Treasury Yield futures (S10Y) let traders skip the calculations that translate yield to price by simplifying variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield.

Logo for S30Y

Small 30YR US Treasury Yield futures (S30Y) let traders easily invest in bonds by simplifying variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield.

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Small US Crude Oil futures (SMO) give traders a direct line to one of the world's most consumed energy sources in a manageable size for a historically volatile market.

Small Cannabis futures (S420) let traders speculate on the producers and distributors of medical and recreational cannabis products in one easy trade.

Small Cryptocurrency futures (SCCX) allow traders to invest, speculate, and manage risk in securities driven by cryptocurrencies with one easy trade.

Small Equities 400 Futures (SMES) give traders access to 400 of the top companies in small, leveraged futures that track a market capitalization-weighted index.

You don’t need to trade big to trade smart!

Pay once. Save every time you trade the Smalls. A one-time payment of $100 gets you:

A Lifetime Subscription

No annual or renewal fees.

Advanced Metrics

Weekly updates to exhaustive analysis.

Reduced Fees

Exclusive access to low trading costs.

*Except SMO.  Visit the SMO market page for details.