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Mean Reversion | How to Do Futures

You can compute a mean and standard deviation for any market, but how do you know if it reverts to that mean? Learn how to trade everything from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities using statistics at this week's Mean Reversion Seminar!

Technical Analysis | How to Do Futures

Technical analysis finds its way into almost every trader's strategy - all the way from market makers to the self-directed investor. Frank covers what technical analysis technically is, highlights some of its most common uses, and advocates for the everyday trader to create their own indicators after creating some statistical foundations at this week's seminar.

Trading the Yield Curve | How to Do Futures

S2Y, S10Y, and S30Y futures are here and ready for you to trade right now! You can access the 2YR, 10YR, and 30YR Treasury Yield all with ease thanks to the new suite of interest rate products from the Small Exchange: Already an interest rate pro? Put together your steepeners, flatteners, and inversion strategies with 1:1 ratios and simple pricing convention. Grab some information about our new offering and get going on trading the Small Yield Curve!

Learn how to day trade futures

Want to learn how to day trade futures, check out our YouTube seminar!

Pairs Trading | How to Do Futures

Pairs trading can give you access to unique, diversified opportunities...

Day Trading | How to Do Futures

Futures can give access to day trading strategies not allowed in stocks and options due to pattern day trading rules, and the Smalls do so in a size that fits the everyday trader. Find out what exclusive benefits futures products hold and how to use them in our seminar on How to Day Trade. Frank presents the strategy behind day trading futures and how Small Exchange products can help in all your short-term scalping needs.

Trade Size | How to Do Futures

The keys to sizing up your trades can take your favorite strategies to the next level. Learn how to size your trades in everything from stocks and bond to commodities and currencies using futures, shares, and options at our Trade Size Seminar!

Citadel-backed exchange turns Treasuries trading upside-down

The Small Exchange product rises when the yield on 10-year notes increases, and falls when the rate decreases - that’s novel. 

The Small Exchange Launches New 10-Year Treasury Yield Future

Meet Small Exchange, A 2020 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Finalist

Chicago Innovation Award Winner - Up-and-Comer Award

Small Exchange adds tech index future

Reasons Investors Should Trade Small Exchange Products

The Small Exchange Raises $4M to Bring Futures Trading to Everyday Investors

OCC welcomes the Small Exchange

The Small Exchange Announces Access To New Markets Via CQG

Wedbush Futures Partners with The Small Exchange

'A Chance To Change The World'

The Small Exchange Opens. Launches Small, Standard, And Simple Futures Products.

The Small Exchange Opens, Signs New Partners and Introduces New Product Suite

“We are absolutely thrilled the Small Exchange will commence operations with the public beginning June 1. I can’t say enough about the Smalls team, the support of our investors, vendors and participants for helping us get to the starting line”

Futures exchange wins new partner for June 1 launch

The Small Exchange, which is targeting retail traders, has landed Interactive Brokers as a partner.

The Small Exchange - Futures that don't look like futures

CFTC Approves New Futures Exchange Aimed at Individual Traders

The Small Exchange takes a big step with futures catered to retail traders.

FIA announces fintech startups chosen for fifth annual Innovators Pavilion

The Small Exchange Secures OCC Clearing and Settlement Services

Small Exchange Partners with CyrusOne to Provide Access to New Future Exchanges in Aurora

The Small Exchange Raises $10 Million from Citadel Securities and Jump Capital in New Strategic Financing Round

New exchange to provide greater futures access to individual investors.

Citadel Securities and Jump Capital are backing an exchange that's opening the futures market up to Main Street

Citadel Securities and Jump Capital, the venture investing arm of the Chicago-based Jump Trading, each invested $5 million in the Small Exchange.

Tastytrade, Peak6 invest $10 million in new exchange

Three Chicago trading industry entrepreneurs are betting on a new futures exchange upstart aimed at retail traders.