Futures can offer reduced trading costs and direct access to equity indexes, commodities, and much more, but they often look confusing. Join Frank Kaberna - Strategist from the Small Futures Exchange - as he guides you through a tour of futures trading for beginners that will include a full description of what futures are, how you can access them, and even a live trading session using multiple platforms. Get your Beginner’s Guide to futures trading from the Small Exchange!


0:00 How to Do Futures

1:10 What's on the Agenda?

1:55 Textbook Definition of Futures

3:05 The Agreement

4:15 The Asset

5:25 The Quantity

6:50 The Date

8:50 So, What are Futures?

10:40 Essential Terms Behind Trading Futures

12:25 Exchange-Traded Funds versus Futures

15:30 Futures Analogies and Examples

21:20 Trading Futures Examples

26:05 How to Get Started Trading Futures

28:45 The Small Exchange Community

30:40 tastyworks Trading Demo

41:30 Interactive Brokers Trading Demo

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