The Small Exchange has launched the next evolution of interest rate products - Small 10YR US Treasury Yield future. S10Y simplifies variables in interest rates into a single, succinct yield so that you can skip the calculations that translate yield to price and just trade rates. Learn about trading opportunities with interest rate products as Frank guides you through a history of rate markets along with how to access this unique asset class in our seminar on Interest Rates, part of our How to Do Futures video series.

Interest Rates | How to Do Futures



0:00 How to Do Futures

0:20 Small 10YR US Treasury Yield

1:25 US Interest Rates Overview

4:25 Treasury Bond Futures

5:35 Futures Prices for US Interest Rates

9:15 ETF Prices for US Interest Rates

11:30 Small Futures Prices for US Interest Rates

12:40 Small 10YR Treasury Yield S10Y

14:10 Small Exchange Futures

15:50 S10Y Deep Dive

17:00 S10Y and ZB Futures 1

7:50 S10Y Notional Size

20:05 S10Y Minimum Ticks

21:40 Margin Requirements

23:00 How to Use the Smalls

23:05 Speculate on Short-Term Action

23:10 Invest in Long-Term Direction

23:50 Hedge Portfolio of any Size or Asset

29:10 Ratios and Correlations

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The Small Exchange is making markets more accessible to more people with products that mix the efficiency of futures with the simplicity of stocks. The Smalls offer easily adoptable solutions to risk management and speculative needs of the modern trader in markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities.

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