The first futures on pot stocks are here! Now you can invest in and trade 21 strains of pot stocks with one low-cost future: Small Cannabis \ S420. Small Cannabis futures carry a size just over $1,000 and cost only a few hundred dollars to trade. Find out more about this new product and how to strategize around cannabis companies' future growth in our seminar on Investing in the Future of Pot Stocks, part of our How to Do Futures video series.


2:30 What's on the Agenda?

3:10 Why Trade Pot?

5:15 Pot Stock Diversification

7:40 Pot Stock Volatility

8:55 Potential Returns

10:20 Why Trade Small Cannabis Futures?

15:26 Small Cannabis Context

16:00 Small Cannabis Holdings

17:00 S420 Contract Breakdown

17:55 Capital Requirements & Futures Efficiency

19:20 Daily Movement

20:44 How to Invest in Pot!

28:18 S420 Pairs Trade

29:37 Using the Smalls

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The Small Exchange is making markets more accessible to more people with products that mix the efficiency of futures with the simplicity of stocks. The Smalls offer easily adoptable solutions to risk management and speculative needs of the modern trader in markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities.

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