Day Trading Nonfarm Payrolls

Jul 7, 2022

By The Small Exchange


Nonfarm Payrolls can give you a sense of how the US economy is performing, but the data release can also be a source of opportunity for active traders. Errol and Frank use statistics to measure the daily movement in markets like stocks and bonds, and then they apply the results to what could happen on the day of a Nonfarm Payroll event.

Frank contends that trying to predict what will happen based off a good or bad number can be very difficult, so he shows Errol how to trade the action that comes out of the results with standard deviations.


0:05 Day Trading Nonfarm Payrolls

0:20 Nonfarm Payrolls are Release on the 1st Friday of the Month

1:25 Market Reaction is Based on Actual versus Expected

3:10 There tend to be Large Intraday Moves after the Event

5:00 Standard Deviations give you a Normal Range to Compare Movement

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