Learn Technical Analysis | How to Do Futures

Mar 10, 2021

By Frank Kaberna


Technical analysis finds its way into almost every trader's strategy - all the way from market makers to the self-directed investor. Find out what technical analysis technically is, learn some of its most common uses, and ideate on how the everyday trader can create their own indicators after establishing some statistical foundations in our seminar on Technical Analysis, part of our How to Do Futures video series.


0:00 How to Do Futures

2:05 Technical Analysis Overview

5:40 Moving Averages

10:40 Bollinger Bands

15:05 Trendlines

18:35 Implied Volatility Rank

25:05 Technical Indicators

28:50 Advanced Stats for Fast Ideas

30:05 Incorporating Strategies

33:45 Margin for the Smalls

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