Looking for insight into trading hot markets like corn and gold? In this video we will be discussing different ways to trade commodities! Futures can give direct exposure to assets not available with stocks and ETFs such as corn, oil, gold, interest rates and foreign exchange. Smalls provide access to these unique markets in a size that fits the everyday trader. Find out how these markets tick in our Seminar on Trading Commodities, part of our How to Do Futures video series.


1:20 What's on the Agenda?

1:53 Commodity Context

3:00 Correlation of Small Stocks & Diversification

4:20 Realized Volatility & Movement

6:15 Short-Term Volatility

6:45 Long-Term Trends

8:00 Rangeboundedness

9:50 3 Ways to Trade Commodities & Tradeoffs

11:40 Capital Requirements & Costs to Trade

12:10 Product Size

13:10 Too Much Size

14:00 Small Size

16:40 Trade Entry Checklists

17:20 1. The Market

18:45 2. The Product

20:10 3. The Direction

20:55 4. The Entry

22:40 5. The Exit

24:50 The Smalls

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The Small Exchange is making markets more accessible to more people with products that mix the efficiency of futures with the simplicity of stocks. The Smalls offer easily adoptable solutions to risk management and speculative needs of the modern trader in markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities.

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