"Tom Sosnoff is a serial entrepreneur who learned how to compete as a trader in Chicago's cutthroat options pits. 'We try to be nice,' he says. 'But we will rip your fucking head off if we think we have an opportunity to'" reports Crain's Chicago Business. They continue, "Small Exchange, [is] an online trading exchange that plans to cater to retail traders with smaller derivative contracts than those available at the big exchanges, like Cboe Global Markets. The idea grew partly out of his loathing for the giant exchanges. 'I hate all the exchanges," says Sosnoff, who explains that they've not given him credit for ideas he's sent them over the years. "Exchanges drive me crazy because they think they're entitled, and they don't know who their customers are.'"

The Small Exchange is making futures markets more accessible to more people with small, standard, and simple products that combine the best of futures and stocks.

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