With two cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum - now well above $100 billion in market capitalization and the former nearing $1 trillion, it appears as though all this crypto stuff isn’t going away. In fact, a whole industry has sprouted up around crypto with several publicly traded companies dealing directly in the space, and many of them have seen similar upside to the coins themselves.

Crypto Stock & Bitcoin Performance (2020-Present)

Source: Yahoo! Finance

The Small Exchange has joined 17 securities in the crypto sector to create the first stock index totally devoted to the area. Futures on the Small Cryptocurrency* Index are due to arrive October 4th, and they expect to correlate highly to price action in both Bitcoin and Ethereum all at a smaller size and cost to existing Bitcoin and Micro Bitcoin futures.

Last Monday in Bitcoin and Small Cryptocurrency

Source: Yahoo! Finance & dxFeed Index Services

Small Cryptocurrency Index Components

Data as of 9/2/21

It may not be a new shiny coin, but it is a step in the right direction for an industry so new and exciting that exchanges have yet to present the trading public with a smaller way to gain crypto exposure.

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